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Jul 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, really damming indictment against the prosecution. >> when john guy did the close he referred to trayvon martin as a child but the defense painted him as a dangerous teenager. sunny, how do you think the jurors reacted to that? >> while mark o'mara did good, he did a good job on his closing, john guy hit it out of the park. he did great. if people were calling him mcdreamy before mark geragos, they are calling him perfect. the jury was river vetted. they did not take their eyes off of this man and what was so important about it, anderson, is that now i understand why the state was okay with having those six women on the jury, because he specifically just sort of homed in on what every mother's nay mire is, her child walking alone in the dark in the rain being followed by a stranger and being afraid. that resignated with every single mother in the room, and it was so effective. it was excellent. >> i got to go to mark geragos because he's grinning like a cat. mark? >> yeah, i predicted it last night. it's just shocking, isn't it, that sunny thought that he was mcbrilliant. didn't you twee
Jul 12, 2013 2:00pm PDT
is disgusting. >> the prosecutor john guy had the last word delivering the state's rebuttal. he argued that zimmerman acted, in his words, with ill will or hatred, the requirement for a second degree murder conviction. >> when a grown man frustrated, angry with hate in his heart gets out of his car with a loaded gun and follows a child, a stranger in the dark and shoots him through his heart, what is that? is that nothing? that's not anything? is that where we are? that's nothing. well, that's not his call and that's not my call. that's your call. >> and right now let go into the courtroom because the judge has reconvened the attorneys. you see them over there. they're going over a list of the inventory of all the evidence that was presented during the course of the three weeks of this trial. the jury wants that inventory. they want a list. they want a number of each item, each piece of evidence so they can review it methodically, very, very carefully. jeffrey toobin is with us, martin savge has been covering this trial for us, he's with us as well. jeffrey, what do you make of this fi
Jul 13, 2013 3:00am PDT
deliberations. we heard from prosecutor john guy the other day. he made an emotional appeal to these jurors, telling them to look into the heart. look into the heart of george zimmerman. look into the heart of trayvon martin. but specifically ask whether george zimmerman wanted to shoot or just didn't want to shoot, if it was an accident. he suggested that it was. and we also heard from mark o'mara. mark o'mara did sort of a legal lesson, if you will. explaining to jurors, first of all, what it takes to charge a person for a crime. basically to find a person guilty or not guilty. went through great explanation with that. and then he showed several charts. and he showed that video reenactment of the scene from the account of george zimmerman. and also explain to the jurors that they have to decide the case based on facts, not on circumstantial evidence. it will be interesting to see when this happens or what happens. we're on verdict watch. could come down today. could come down tomorrow possibly. but we're as waiting to see what happens monday. >> absolutely. the world is certainly watching
Jul 13, 2013 8:00am PDT
're smiling this morning, what does that say? i said that to john guy. bernie said it doesn't say anything, it just says he's had a good night's sleep and they kind of laugh. and then i looked at him. quite honestly, i know this is serious but how do you feel about you being a big serious prosecutor and being called mcdreamy and the whole elevator erupts including him and he turns bright red and says that's an awkward question. and then they said how does your wife feel about it? he said have a great day but that's the most interesting question i have gotten throughout the process. the defense seems to be a little more serious than the prosecution at least -- obviously the burden is on the prosecution but they seem to be a little more light hearted. and the interesting thing is when i said that george zimmerman walked over to the window with his family, if you look up at the top of this building, george zimmerman at times is watching, he's looking out onto the courtyard and looking at all the media. he's looking at the handful of protesters who have walked out and who have gathered this mo
Jul 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
and kate. good morning, guys. >> good morning, john. i hope you are all about to eat breakfast with that one. >> we like individual lent citizens. if they went through the channels of trying to do it the right way, it's probably something to take your hat off to. >> i guess so. >> almost the top of the hour. itis time for the top of the news. >>> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family, my friends. itis been unbelievable. >> breaking overnight, getting stronger. kidnapped as kids, then rescued. the cleveland three speak out for the first time. what they say now about their ordeal and their future. >>> dramatic video. survivors of flight 214 escaping down the emergency slide and a "new day" exclusive. some of the youngest survivors speaking out about the crash. >>> surprising twist. the judge rules the jury can hear trayvon martin had marijuana in his system the night he was killed. >> your "new day" starts right now. >>> good morning, good morning, everybody. welcome to "new day." >> we are joined by michaela. we have a very full show this morning. let'
Jul 10, 2013 2:00am PDT
you back, christine. >> it's been unbearable with just john here. >>> got a lot of news four this morning, just as you guys following on what we know about flight 214, startling revelations about the pilot. the struggler's experience and we have a "new day" exclusive. yesterday, we heard from three sung siblings remember how eloquent they were surviving the crash. today, we them with their father who got out of the hospital. the story gets even more amazing. >> mother still in the hospital. we're going to talk to them about this experience through this crazy ordeal. >>> also, another "new day" exclusive that we have today. we sat down with amanda berry's grandmother. you're seeing amanda berry right there. we're talking to her grandmother as she watched this new video released of her brave granddaughter thanking supporters for the very first time. we're seeing amanda berry and the two other women who were kidnapped and kept in that house in cleveland for more than a decade. and some circumstances, we're going to hear from the grandmother and talk more about how fabulous they
Jul 10, 2013 2:35am EDT
." >> we'll take all you guys with us. >> love that stuff. long as we are fantasizing, why not? elton john has appendicitis. yeah, he is on a tour. yeah, suffering from appendicitis. does require surgery according to a spokesman. talked to abc news. the award winning singer has canceled all upcoming shows and headlining concert friday at london music festival. quote is, elton is disappointed to postpone these dates. he made super human efforts to continue to perform through his illness. it confirms his dedication to his european fans. made efforts to perform through his illness. he is 66. fell ill touring after scans they found it was an appendix issue. take antibiotics and undergo surgery in the next few weeks. hopefully be back on tour. >> we wish him well. >> yes, we do. >> we told you yesterday about mariah carey, rushed to the hospital. she was on the shoot of the remix of her video "beautiful" and she fell. dislocated her shoulder. had to be rushed to the hospital. getting a little more information. her rep said it wasn't a big deal. there is a picture, her at the hospital. >> looks
Jul 10, 2013 1:40am PDT
stories on this wednesday, july 10th. >> announcer: from abc new, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good morning, everybody. hump day. >> hump day. >> july 10th. >> a special half-hour for you guys. favorite summertime songs. we are going to share them with you. we have a list made up of the best summertime songs out there. >> put together by "rolling stone" magazine. a few of our own. should be good. >> wonder if yours is on there. you have to tune in to see. >> i don't know what you picked. we'll wait. tease it. tease it. >> we'll wait. >> we'll wait. >> we'll begin this half-hour with details in the murder case against the former patriot player aaron hernandez. >> for the first time hernandez has been linked directly to the murder. sean kelly has the the latest from our station in boston. >> reporter: former patriot aaron hernandez admitted to shooting semipro football player odin lloyd according to court documents. a florida search warrant reveals one of the men with hernandez the night of lloyd's murder cooperated with police. massachusetts detectives
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Jul 9, 2013 10:00am PDT
more willing to give a democratic president or office holder slack. two of the top guys on foreign policy and national security, chuck hagel, a former republican and senator and john kerry both made their careers in opposition to the vietnam war and john kerry famously said how can you be the man to ask a man to die for a mistake? >> we had a report that crossed the wires a moment ago saying that the president has not made a decision in the u.s. military presence in afghanistan after 2014, we'll wait and we'll continue to see where that goes. that's the latest coming in. >> we are told to expect a now's conference of the ntsb will speak about the horrific plane crash in san francisco. two teenagers lost their lives from china. when you look at the condition of the plane, it is hard tobelie heroism of the crew and people on the ground. the people were at the controls when the tail of the aircraft slammed in the runway and ripped off over the sea wall and that led to the smoke and scene you saw on the screen. apparently, one of them, one of the pilots had 40 hours of training and gui
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)